About Me

Bruce Packard CFA

Bruce Packard CFA is an independent consultant, having covered UK banks since 2000.

From 2000 to 2003, he worked at Credit Suisse, going on to serve at ING, Société Générale, Pali and Evolution. From 2010 to 2012, he worked as an Analyst at Seymour Pierce.

Packard has a degree in Theology from Durham University, which perhaps explains his track record of making non-conformist investment recommendations.

In 2004, he published a research note saying Santander would buy Abbey, three months before the deal was officially announced.

In July 2008, based on analyses of the Nordic and Japanese banking crises, he predicted the nationalisation of the UK bank sector.

Links to Articles

Bruce has written articles that have appeared in several national newspapers. This one, because it gets so boring how every couple of years, a new investment genius fund manager is promoted by the media – only for many of them to fall back to earth (Bill Miller, John Paulson). Reminds me of that line from the Paul Simon song “every generation throws a hero up the pop charts” and this article was written as a reaction to that.

There is so much “noise” created in financial services. We need “noise reduction headphones” for investors. So I wrote this article about a meeting at Moorgate Cemetery, with the Reverend Thomas Bayes.